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Jasiri - Christmas 2019

The last half-dozen or so pictures I took of Jasiri, during his last days.


Christmas in Warrenton - 2019

The holidays this year will forever be marked by the passing of my best friend in this world - Jasiri. He died two days before Christmas.


Christmas in Warrenton - 2017

It's always so nice to see everyone!



Josh, Risa, and Simon

A quick, little trip by Josh and the kids.



A Summer Weekend in Missouri

A quick little trip to visit Josh, Jenni, Risa, and Simon. Had the best time!



Aunt Margaret's 91st Birthday

A few pictures from the birthday celebration of one of my favorite people.



Pop's 90th Birthday Presentation at UVA

During his regularly-scheduled visit to the UVA Medical Center Pop was surprised by Congressman Robert Hurt, a contingent of Marines, family, and some news folks. Representative Hurt presented him with the flag he had requested be flown over the US Capitol on April 1st - his 90th birthday. And he was interviewed by a couple of local reporters, who subsequently did wonderful pieces on his life and service.



Jeff & Nicole Wedding

Jeff Huff and Nicole Curtis had a most lovely summer wedding at Airlie.


Jeff & Nicole Wedding - HIGH RES

These are the exact same images as the above link, but these are very large, very high resolution images. They are intended for PRINTING ONLY! They will not render properly on many devices.




Samantha and Jesus - Prom Night

A few pictures of Samantha and Jesus on their way to the prom. Such a lovely couple!




Christmas in Warrenton, 2014 - Mostly Risa

Once again it was wonderful seeing everyone. And my little model comes through yet again!




Risa - Mid-Summer 2014

Ginny and I made a mid-summer visit to Missouri to help look after Risa. Here are a few shots.


Risa - Mid-Summer 2014 - Slideshow

The same images in a 720p slideshow.




Reunion at Aunt Sarah's - 2014

A few images from last Sunday's reunion at Aunt Sarah's. A disproportionate number are of my little niece Jordyn, who was happy to play my model for the day!




4th of July Parade

A gallery of images from the 2014 parade in Lovingston. We couldn't have asked for a prettier day. And it was great seeing my family (and my dad in the parade...)




Risa - June 2014

A few images of our little Risabear.




Jeff & Nicole Engagement Picnic

A few images from the engagement picnic for Jeff and Nicole.




Feagin/Carman Wedding

Images from the lovely wedding of Ashley and Aaron.




Christmas in Warrenton - 2013

It was wonderful having Jason, Josh, Jenni, and Risa all here for the holidays.




Risa at Thanksgiving - 2013

A few images from Risa's visit over the Thanksgving weekend.




Risa at East Branch - Nov 2013

Risa's first visit to East Branch.




Risa's First Birthday

Well, actually the weekend just prior. Ginny and I flew out to Missouri to visit Josh, Jenni, and Risa on that momentous occasion.




2013 Run Like the Wind 5K Race

Here are a few quick images from a local race intended to raise money for Haitian children. Alas, Ginny didn't get fifty feet from the start before she fell and badly twisted her ankle. We spent the next several hours in the emergency room.




Risa - Sept 2013

Risa and Jenni came home to Rockville for a few days. Ginny and I spent one afternoon visiting.




Risa in the Morning

Here are a few images from the last morning with Josh, Jenni, and Risa, before they headed home (Josh directly; Jenni and Risa via New York City). Risa was the star of the show, as usual!




Hughes Picnic - 2013

The Risa and Jordyn show...




Risa's Naming Ceremony

A small gallery of images from Risa's lovely naming ceremony over at Chuck and Debbie's. What an amazing child, this little darling...




Risa - March 2013

A few images from an all-too-brief visit with Jenni and Risa and Debbie.




East Branch - February 2013

A few images from a lovely day, celebrating Heather's birthday and Dorey's (and her family) visit.




Diane Martin - USAC Retirement Celebration

Diane is/was one of my best pals at USAC. Alas, she has moved on to the next (best!) phase of her life. Here are a few images from her celebration.




Jordyn - Christmas 2012 (regular web viewing)

The best thing about the Christmas holidays are seeing that time through the eyes of a young child. Here are a few shots of Jordyn, my great niece.


Jordyn - Christmas 2012 - Slideshow

The same images, rendered via a slideshow.




Risa's First Week - HTML (regular web viewing)

On November 11, 2012 the most incredible little person made her appearance. Ginny and I flew out to Missouri to see her - alas, for only a few days. There are not words to describe how much I love this child. The web gallery here is standard HTML - for viewing each image one at a time.


Risa's First Week - Slideshow

The same images, but rendered via a slideshow. The file is approximately 50mb.




Snu's 60th Birthday

A few images from the surprise birthday party for my sister Susan.




Josh and Jenni's Wedding (Regular web viewing)

It was a lovely wedding. As there was a pro photographer there (and a second shooter, as well) I only took a handful of pictures.


Josh and Jenni's Wedding - Hi-Res Images

These are the exact same images as above except that they are higher resolution - slightly over 2000 pixels (long dimension) versus 900 pixels in the regular gallery above. They will not render well on most computer monitors (requiring scrolling to see the entire image). I'm providing them here for anyone who might wish to print an image. In that event the extra pixels will be beneficial.




Sarah Latham's 90th Birthday Celebration

Ginny's aunt Sarah is one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. She is an inspiration in so many ways. Here are a few images taken at her birthday party.




Tall Oaks 2010 Christmas

And here was Christmas Day itself at Tall Oaks. Josh was home from Missouri and was able to see grandmom for the first time in awhile.




Tall Oaks 2010 Christmas Open House

Here are a few images from our get-together at Tall Oaks, the assisted living facility where my mother-in-law Evelyn lives. She was quite lovely!




Josh & Jason - Thanksgiving 2010

Since having Josh and Jason home is a rarity anymore, I usually try and get a few pictures when it does happen. So here are a handful of images. (The "bittersweet" first image seemed apropro for loved ones that show up for a few days and then must leave...)




Thanksgiving at East Branch - 2010

Our special treat this year was having Josh and Jenni home from Missouri. They accompanied me down to East Branch for Thanksgiving dinner. Ginny spent the day with her mom Evelyn. Here are a couple dozen images of our lovely afternoon. (Okay, except for the first shot - but I figured that the festive atmosphere the evening before at the local Starbucks set the proper mood for the holiday).




Ben Peck's 90th Birthday Celebration

Ben and Margaret Peck are Ginny's uncle and aunt - and two of my favorite people. They are both quite remarkable for their zest and love of life. Margaret's garden is simply amazing - when we were leaving I was telling Ginny that it'd be quite extraordinary for a twenty-something to craft and maintain. That she manages it still, after all these years, is a testament to something rare and wonderful. And so it was a special treat to spend a few hours at their place on a lovely summer afternoon celebrating Ben's 90th birthday.



Gray Carr & Friends

Ginny's friend Nadya is heading back to the Czech Republic for a bit. Gray Carr, another friend, hosted a lovely little get-together before she heads off.



Snowstorm of the Century

Remember back when you were a kid, when you'd wake up to find school had been cancelled because of snow? How exciting that was? How great it was to get a day off? That doesn't happen as an adult, of course. Except once in a blue moon.

Well, we got our blue moon, and then some. I probably speak for much of the country when I say I'm sick of it. Pretty much everything has been shut down for many days - including the Federal Government.

The cause of all this disruption was, depending upon where you live, either the worst snowstorm since official records have been kept, or one of the top two or three. And as if that weren't enough, we hadn't even gotten dug out from that storm when another rolled in, dumping more snow on us just two days later. Dulles Airport - not all that far from us - has recorded 72" of snow so far this year - easily breaking the old record.

It hasn't been fun.

The above link is to a small web gallery of pictures I took on Monday, after the first storm had ended, but before the second one rolled in. The link below is to my blog posting the night before.




Jamie & Lindsey Wedding - HTML (Regular Web Viewing)

A web gallery of the Jamie and Lindsey Hughes wedding. It was very lovely. There's nothing quite like a wedding to bring out the very best in everyone!


Jamie & Lindsey Wedding - Hi-Res Images

These are the exact same images as above except that they are higher resolution - slightly over 2000 pixels (long dimension) versus 900 pixels in the regular gallery above. They will not render well on most computer monitors (requiring scrolling to see the entire image). I'm providing them here for anyone who might wish to print an image. In that event the extra pixels will be beneficial.



Christmas 2009

A few images from this year.



Thanksgiving 2009

Ginny and I stayed home this year, like we have the last couple. Josh flew in from Missouri the day before. And Jason and Chelsea drove over from Harrisonburg on Thanksgiving day. Ginny prepared a wonderful meal and the four of us had a wonderful dinner. Shortly after that, Jenni - who had celebrated with her family - drove down and we all enjoyed the rest of the day together. It was a special treat seeing everyone!



Jasiri's First Week Home

Some more images of the pup we have named Jasiri - Swahili for "fearless".



New Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy

Here are a few images from the first day with our newest arrival. He arrived by airplane from the breeder (Chioke Rhodesians) in Tennessee - surely a traumatic experience for any animal, but especially for an 8-week-old puppy. No matter. He rested in Ginny's lap on the way home and by the time we had made the hour trip from Reagan National he was ready to play!

Yes, it's very much like having a newborn in the house...

A few more words in my blog entry...



Spring Get Together at the Pecks

Here are a few shots from the Spring get-together at Ben and Margaret Peck's house (Ginny's aunt and uncle). Ben and Margaret have one of the prettiest yard I've ever seen - a testament to their considerable talents in gardening and landscaping. Here are a few family shots.



Ginny & Friends - 2009 Fodderstack

Here are a few images of Ginny and a few of her running pals at this year's Fodderstack 10K. Beautiful day for a 10K!

If you're interested in the far larger web gallery which includes all the shots I took at the race, go here, under 'Miscellany/Fodderstack'.



East Branch - January 2009

Photography has occasional moments of quiet tragedy. The shots missed. The not having the right camera or lens or film combination when that special moment appears in front of you. The disappointment when you get your film back and you spread the transparencies out on the light table; or when you download your memory card into Lightroom - and find the images you once held such hope for are... something less. Worst of all, though are the ones you blow through simple carelessness.

Ginny and Josh and I rode down this weekend to visit my parents and sister at East Branch, my folks' home in Roseland, Virginia. As usual, I took a couple cameras with me - my M8 with 28 Summicron and 50 Summilux lenses; and my D3 with its big honking 200/f2.

When I downloaded the images the next day I instantly noticed something amiss with all the images taken with the Nikon. Thinking back to how I had last used it, I picked it up with a feeling of foreboding. Sure enough, I had left it set at 2 full stops of underexposure compensation.

If there's one thing that digital images don't deal well with... it's underexposure. I salvaged most of them, to a degree, by converting to black & white - an aesthetic preference of mine even in the best of circumstances. But the big Nikkor does a sterling job at portraits and I was very disappointed knowing the quality I might have had.



Christmas 2008

A few images from this year's Christmas. It was especially nice seeing Jenni, Josh's girlfriend, and Evelyn, Ginny's mom.



Thanksgiving 2008

We had planned on meeting up with my parents and extended family down at East Branch this year, like we've done the last couple of years. But I came back from hunt camp with a bad cold and didn't want to expose everyone to it. So we stayed home, Ginny cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, and Josh and Jason came over instead.



Michelle and Greg's Wedding - HTML (Regular web viewing)

Michelle Tilton and Greg Garber Wedding.

My good friend Michelle was married at the end of May. It was a classic spring wedding, with beautiful weather and a very lovely locale (the ceremony was held at a church in north Arlington; the reception was held at Top of the Town, a penthouse venue atop a high-rise building just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.). Since I was a guest - not the phtographer - I deliberately was low-key about taking shots. I tried to stay out of the professional photographers' way (there were two pro shooters). And since they were getting the classic stuff - the formals, shots taken with flash and the like - and because I was trying to remain as unobtrusive as possible, I emphasized available light images (one expects the professional photorgrapher to be walking around, popping a strobe in people's faces; some might consider it rude for a guest to do so). That posed some real challenges as light levels quickly fell. But it was all good. Everyone had a great time. (Nikon D3, 14-24/2.8 AFS, 24-70/2.8 AFS, 70-200 VR/AFS)

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Garber!


Michelle and Greg's Wedding - Flash (Slideshow)

The same images, but rendered in Flash. Use this link to view them in a slideshow.


Michelle & Greg's Wedding - Quicktime (Slideshow w/music and effects)

Another slideshow, but rendered in Quicktime so music and dynamic effects could be added. Warning: This is a very large file - over 1GB. It requires a high bandwidth connection! It also requires that you have the Quicktime player on your computer. If you don't already have it, that is available as a free download from Apple: Free Quicktime Download.


Michelle and Greg's Wedding - Hi-Res Images

And finally, here is a higher-resolution version of the HTML web gallery. These are a bit over 2000 pixels in size (long dimension) whereas the images in the first HTML web gallery are 900 pixels. The ones here should NOT generally be selected simply for viewing - they are too large to fit on a normal size computer monitor and will require scrolling to see the entire image. They are provided here simply to provide additional pixels for those who may wish to print one or more of the images. Their color profiles are sRGB and so are already defaulted to the color space that most personal printers, mall kiosks, and drugstore-type labs that most people avail themselves of are set up for.

Most professional printers use a wider-gamut color space than sRGB (Adobe RGB is usually preferred). I have the original out-of-camera images, most of which are much higher resolution than those included here. And they are in Adobe RGB workspace. Unfortunately they are too large to post on a web site. If anyone wishes a copy of one or more of these original image files, note the actual filename of the image(s) - it is located at both the top and the bottom of all the hi-res images in the link above (note, filenames do not appear in either the standard HTML web gallery or the Flash gallery), then either contact me or Michelle or Greg. Please note there is no point in going to that trouble unless the desire is to make fairly large prints - the "hi-res" images included in this link should suffice for most purposes.



Jason's College Graduation - HTML (Regular web viewing)

My younger son Jason's graduation from James Madison University. (Nikon D3, 70-200 VR/AFS)


Jason's College Graduation - Flash (Slideshow)

The same images, but rendered in Flash. Use this link to view them in a slideshow.



Low Key's Final 2008 Performance - HTML (Regular web viewing)

As I noted at last year's performance (see link below), Low Key is one of the acapella groups at James Madision University. My son Jason is a senior this year and so this was not only the last performance of Low Key for the year - but also his last performance with the group. It's a very talented goup of young people! (Nikon D3, 70-200 VR/AFS; Leica M8, Summicron 28 ASPH, Summilux 50 ASPH)


Low Key's Final 2008 Performance - Flash (Slideshow)

The same images, but rendered in Flash. Use this link to view them in a slideshow.



Hughes Family Christmas - 2007

A very few pictures from Christmas this year. One of the very few times we see the boys back home at the same time! (Leica M8, Noctilux, Summicron 28 ASPH)



USAC 2007 Holiday Celebration - HTML (Regular web viewing)

A few pictures from USAC's annual holiday celebration. This year's event was fashioned on the old "family feud" television show. (Leica M8, Summilux 50 ASPH, Elmarit 90)


USAC 2007 Holiday Celebration - Flash (Slideshow)

Same thing, but rendered in flash.



Thanksgiving at East Branch - 2007 - HTML (Regular web viewing)

Another wonderful Thanksgiving at East Branch. (Leica M8, Summicron 28 ASPH, Summilux 50 ASPH, Noctilux (a couple), Cosina-Voigtlander 15/4.5)


Thanksgiving at East Branch - 2007 Flash (Slideshow)

The same images, but rendered in Flash. Use this link to view them in a slideshow. HIGH BANDWIDTH WARNING!



Hanewinckel Funeral at Arlington - HTML (Regular web viewing)

The military funeral of William Hanewinckel, the father of my sister-in-law, Lisa. Very moving. Use this link to go to the normal-view web page. (Leica M8, Summilux 50 ASPH; iso 360; most shots taken at f4)


Hanewinckel Funeral at Arlington - Flash (Slideshow)

The same images, but rendered in Flash. Use this link to view them in a slideshow.



Louise Peck Funeral Reception

Held at the home of Ben and Margaret Peck - who have one of the most beautiful yards I have ever seen. It's obvious Ben and Margaret put an enormous amount of time and attention in maintaining it. Here are a few family images. (Leica M8, Summicron 28 ASPH, Summilux 50 ASPH)


Low Key's Final 2007 Performance

Low Key is one of James Madison University's acapella groups - and the one my son Jason is a member of. This was their last performance of the 2006-2007 school year. They rock! (Leica M8, Summicron 28 ASPH, Summilux 50 ASPH)


USAC - Washington Nationals' 2007 Season Opener

Some of us from work (USAC) took the afternoon off to watch the Nats bring in the 2007 baseball season. (Leica M8, Summilux 50 ASPH)


Nelson County World War II Remembrance

In January 2007, Nelson County, Virginia hosted a remembrance of its native sons who took part in World War II. Included were my dad and uncle - both of whom, in addition to being honored, also had speaking parts. (My dad, Walter Hughes, was in the 1st Marine Division and fought on Okinawa; my uncle, Berry Hughes, was in the 5th Marine Division and fought on Iwo Jima). (Leica M8, mostly Noctilux)


Thanksgiving at East Branch - 2006

This was my family - many of them, at least - during a wonderful Thanksgiving down at my parent's place in Nelson County. (Nikon D200, 28-70/2.8, 12-24/4, and 70-200/2.8 VR AFS Nikkors)


Josh's College Graduation

My older son Josh's graduation from George Mason University. (Nikon D70, 28-70/2.8 and 80-200/2.8 AFS Nikkors; B&W taken with Leica M7, 35 Summilux ASPH, Tri-X rated at 400 and developed in Xtol 1:1)


2004 USAC Summer Retreat

This is a slideshow (Quicktime format) of the 2004 USAC summer retreat (note that it is about 12mb - those of you not on a high-bandwidth connection beware). If you don't already have Quicktime it is available as a free download from Apple Free Quicktime Download. (Nikon D70, 28-70/2.8 and 80-200/2.8 AFS Nikkors)