The Weekend from Hell

Usually you look forward to the weekend.  In my case, especially – since my early-to-leave and late-to-get-home schedule means there’s hardly any time to do anything non-work-related during the week.  If there’s anything fun you want to do, or projects you need to get done… they have to wait for Saturday or Sunday.  You spend the work week mentally winding down this clock in your head.  Friday comes with a sigh of relief.

Alas, this weekend was the exception.  It was the weekend I never want to repeat again.  Ever.

Now snow – the harbinger of all this distress – certainly isn’t unexpected this time of year.  And despite grousing about it at times, I nevertheless always have a tinge of anticipation that accompanies the first falling flakes.  The photographer in me looks forward to the wintry scenes that result.

This one was pretty all right.  But it was so deep that there was little consideration of anything but digging out.  I don’t know if it broke the record, but it was certainly within the top 2 or 3 snowstorms we’ve ever had.  Ever.

Which simply translated into an enormous amount of work. After coffee on Saturday morning, Ginny said she was going to try and drive her truck down our 1/4 mile-long gravel driveway.  That’s how we manage most snowstorms, after all, using a 4wd truck to break a path out to the road.  But I shook my head and told her it would get stuck.  This snow, which had started the afternoon before, was too deep.

Some things we have to learn the hard way.

It took me about an hour to dig out the stuck truck.  After that I joined Ginny in working on the driveway.  She used her snowblower – which was very difficult to use given the depth of the snow and the inability of its tires to gain traction.  I wielded a shovel.

For hours we worked.  Long, tortuous work, slogging to clear a foot at a time.  There may have been other occasions when I’ve worked that hard.  But none come immediately to mind.  1300 feet of driveway-width, knee-high snow is a heck of a lot of stuff to move without heavy equipment.  By the time we quit in late afternoon I was so exhausted and so sore I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

Sunday morning we headed back out to finish the job.  By mid-afternoon we finally got it done.

Which is to say, neither photography nor anything else remotely fun was on the agenda this weekend.  I offer only a couple of images, one looking off our deck on Saturday morning while the snow was still coming down and one Saturday night after it had all ended.

May we not again experience the joys of such a weekend anytime soon…

during the snowstorm

during the snowstorm

snowstorm of the century

snowstorm of the century

2 Responses to “The Weekend from Hell”

  1. Jay says:

    Jeff, it’s beautiful. Your only issue was digging out. I’m sure you have a years worth of supplies stored in your bunkers right? I always loved the snow, but that was from Alexandria where I could walk to stores and bars. Especially the bars!
    These are the things that stories are made of!

  2. Jeff says:

    Aye, this is certainly one we’ll never forget! I’d have been able to enjoy it more if digging out hadn’t been so horrendously difficult!

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