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The Death of Kodachrome

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

It was my favorite film for years and years.  Now it’s gone.

You knew it was coming, of course.  Kodak sold off the complex developing process many years ago.  And then the number of labs which processed it got less and less, until in recent years there was only one lab in the entire world which developed it.

Mostly, of course, people just didn’t shoot it anymore. I don’t blame Kodak.  It’s hard to make a business out of a product that people love, but no longer use.

And so now it’s official.  Kodachrome is no more.

What we’re left with is the memory of a film so fantastic that it lasted 70 years.  From the very beginning of color film.  Until the age of digital.  It was the one and only film technology that did not get superceded by something better.

That, and countless amazing images.

Every now and then we’re blessed with remarkable weather for a day or two on our motorcycle trips into West Virginia.  Days when the humidity is so low and the air is so clear and the sun shines so brightly and the sky is such a deep shade of blue that the mountains have an etched-in-stone look.

“A Kodachrome Day,” you whisper, looking up in awe.

So long old friend…