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30-Year Anniversary of the Memorial Day Chicken Run

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

5:55AM:  One quick post before I head out on our annual Memorial Day Chicken Run.  This one is special – as it was exactly 30 years ago this weekend that John Holt and John Lyons were out on a motorcycle ride in West Virginia, stumbled across the the semi-annual barbecue chicken fundraiser in Brandywine, and thus started a tradition that has rolled along ever since.

Alas, neither John will be with us on this trip.  John L., now lives in Seattle and although he flies back to ride with us every other year or so, was not able to make this trip.  And John H., is taking care of his wife Petra, who suffered a brain aneurism six weeks ago and is still in the hospital.  Prayers go out to them.

Every trip I go on is special in some way or another.  This particular ride is nice because it rather bookmarks the beginning of the season.  Everything is still in front of you.  That contrasts with our Fall Foliage Tour in October – which, though probably being the favorite ride of the year for many of us, is nevertheless bittersweet because it marks the end of the riding season.  It’s like you lay down the baton at the end of that run; and pick it up again on this one.

Here’s a pic of Jay as we parted ways on that run last October, after the two of us finished breakfast at French’s Diner in Marlinton.  Jay was heading south to his home in Florida; while I ran east into Virginia.

Jay won’t be with us on this weekend’s run, either.  Hopefully we’ll see all these gentlemen, along with our other Chicken Run regulars, later this year.