Josh and Jenni

Weddings are among the most special occasions that we ever get the chance to experience.  This past weekend my oldest son Josh married the most delightful young lady. What a lovely weekend…

We’d like to thank everyone for taking time out of your busy lives to help us celebrate this very special weekend.

You know, out of all the things that touch us in this world, few have the centrality, the importance of marriage.  Most of the things we do, most of the things we strive for, most of the things we attempt – indeed, most of the things we ever achieve, are, if we’re being honest with ourselves, as transient as a bird’s flight across that lake outside.

Marriage, on the other hand, far from being fleeting, has weathered the ages with a special discernment.  Unlike nearly everything else in our lives, it has resisted the vicissitudes of social fashion.  It has worn the cloak of time, remarkably unchanged, across the arc of centuries.  And so it is with us even today, as important as it was millennia ago.

I’m hard pressed to think of anything else so durable.  It is the only thing I know that has transcended time, culture, and geography.

And so when something so special, something that lives at the very heart of our humanity, comes to two young people whom we love so deeply, it is a blessing to be treasured.

We thank you for sharing it with us.

As for Josh and Jenni… I have only one tiny piece of advice for you.

Your life together will bring many joys.  And, yes, a few challenges.  Just remember that those things you hold together will always be far more important than anything you might hold apart.

May God bless you.

Josh and Jenni at the Lake


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