Cherry Blossoms 2011

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate this year.  As I write this we’ve had all of… drum roll… one seventy-degree day since spring started.  It’s been wet and chilly. I figured the slightly cooler than normal temps would extend the blossom peak into next week.

Or maybe not.  My pal Mary walked down during lunch on Friday and came back with a report that the blooms were already a little past peak.  That prompted a hurried decision to head down myself that afternoon.

I didn’t stay long.  But it was enough.  The cherry trees were lovely, as they always are.  And the people wandering around down along The Tidal Basin were, of course, ever interesting.

cherry blossoms

washington monument

Filming the people who are enjoying the blossoms…

film crew

And then there are the people taking pictures of themselves…

girls having fun

And, finally, a quick shot of the Jefferson Memorial before heading back to work…

jefferson memorial

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