Winter Breaks

We really can’t complain about the winter we had this year.  Compared to the epic snows we received last year, this year was a piece of cake.  One disastrous commute aside, there just wasn’t much to deal with.  I ended up driving my truck in for a week or so following our one big snow – just simply because our long gravel driveway is the last road in Northern Virginia to melt.  That was it.

That didn’t mean the winter didn’t suck, though.  It did, big time.  It seems like the guys who lay down the salt and sand for VDOT must be paid by the ton.  They put down a lot of the stuff.  Which then hung around, smeared on every bit of pavement, for weeks on end.

And since I won’t ride my bikes with salt on the roads because of what that stuff does to all your metal surfaces, the days turned into weeks.  And the weeks turned into months.  Measured in terms of time off two wheels, this winter was one of the worst.

And so, for me at least, the heavy rains the last couple weeks were a welcome sight.  They washed all that white crap away.

And so the stage was set.  When Friday’s forecast came in with a high in the 70’s, I knew what I had to do.

And so it went.  It was chilly in the morning as I rode into Manassas for a state inspection, to the point where I was using electrics.  But then as the day wore on, the sun came out and the chaps came off and the fleece was put away and the summer weight gloves came out.


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