Winter Makes an Appearance

We’ve been fortunate so far this winter.  We received a dusting or two of snow from previous storms, but nothing to be concerned about.  A couple of the storms actually tracked a weird right-hook-loop such that they clobbered the folks to south of us, to the east of us, and then big-time to the north of us.  We’ve been spared.

At least until this week.

It wasn’t a surprise.  All the meteorologists called it.  And sure enough, on Wednesday here it comes, roaring out of the west.  The Federal Government (the guidance of which my company follows) released employees two hours early.  I’m not sure if that was a blessing or a curse.  What it meant was everyone and their brother was on the road just as the storm broke hard upon us.

It was a fast, heavy, wet snow.  Traction disappeared in a hurry.  Those without 4-wheel drive quickly found themselves unable to make it up even the slightest grades.  And traffic very soon became deadlocked across the region.

I was okay.  I had my truck.  And even though the last five miles took two hours – making my total commute four and a half hours – at least there was electricity and a warm wood stove waiting for me once I finally made it.  A lot of people had the worst commutes of their lives – eight, ten, and twelve hour sagas.  And some people never made it home at all.

The next morning, upon discovering that the Federal Government was only on a two-hour delayed arrival, I took a vacation day.  The wet, heavy snow had brought down lots of trees and there was plenty of work to be done before my driveway would be passable again.

Here are a triplet of images.  The first was taken during that long drive home Wednesday night, during the storm itself.

sanctuary in the storm

This image gives an idea of how heavy the snow was, and how it weighed upon everything it touched.

the morning after

And finally, a day and a night later, after all the angst and weariness had mostly washed away, what was left behind was just a quiet beauty.

heflins store

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