The Winter of My Discontent

It sneaks up on you.  The days rolling by in an endless parade of sameness.  Cold, barren, dark.  With only books and photography to take one’s mind off it.

But, then, late winter, a couple months before the calendar promises it as a full time thing, a single day emerges.  One full of sunlight and a sudden, surprising warmth.  You walk the city streets at midday and it wraps around you.  To the bank, and the bookstore, and then down to the sandwich shop.  And there it is:  that suffusing glow that comes with the first spring day.

It is beyond glorious.

This year, especially.  Early November was consumed by the arrival of Jasiri, and a weekend of getting ready for hunt camp.  The latter part of the month was a busted ten days as I got sick.  December saw the early arrival of winter and a serious snowfall which got everyone’s attention.  Then into January, and the depths of darkness.  Bitter cold and, soon, a double-tap set of snowstorms that shocked everyone.

It has been an awful winter.

Last weekend I went out to the shed and wired up the bikes to their respective Battery Tenders.  The Harley was good.  And so was the KRS.  But the Gixxer and the GS batteries were kaput.  Killed by too much snow, too much cold, and a winter that has gone on far too long.

I’ve never gone five months without riding a bike.  I’ve never gone a winter without being able to get in at least a handful of rides.  You just shake your head.

But everything turns.  We’ve had a couple of those springlike days this week.  And when the forecast came in showing Friday touching the 70’s I knew what I had to do.

Finally a good day.  One warmed by the sun.  And a Harley stretching its legs.

first ride of the year

first ride of the year

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