Summer Wanes

Okay, actually it’s already been over for three weeks.  But I hate to see it go.

Ginny is down at the beach (the Outer Banks) this week with her sister Patty.  I suppose as long as one can consider a beach trip, summer can’t really be over, can it?  At least that’s what I continue to pretend to myself.

Alas, that’s a harder and harder frame of mind to hold onto.  The last several mornings we’ve awakened to temps in the high 40’s.  Today I’m going to head out on the Harley and I’ll be donning my chaps to go with my leather jacket up top.  And there will be an electric vest in the saddlebag.  Just in case, you know?

Sunday evening I went down to Tippy’s Taco for dinner.  Coming back, I passed The Carousel, Warrenton’s summertime-only ice cream stand.  It will be closing shortly for the season.  Yet another sign.

Oh, well.  One cannot change the seasons.  Better to embrace them.  All of them.

It’s just that I’m not very good at letting summer go…

The Carousel

The Carousel

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