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October Ramblings

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Summer wanes, indeed, but good days remain.  Like today.  After spending the last couple of days waiting around home for a lawyer to call and otherwise dealing with real estate stuff, late this morning I said to hell with it.  I quickly packed a few things and went out to the shed where the Harley sat waiting patiently.

My first thought was a nice ride to Brandywine, West Virginia.  Lunch at The Cabin would be a special treat.  Alas.  Punching it into my Zumo gave me an arrival time after 3pm.  Too far and too long.

No matter.  I stopped down at the bottom of our driveway and got the Post from the newspaper box.  Stowing that in my saddlebag I rolled out westward.  Out to The Plains and Halfway Road and then out towards Winchester.  A leisurely stop at McDonalds – a far cry from The Cabin, but their chocolate milkshakes go a long ways towards making up for it – and then the few extra miles to Winchester HD.  I fooled around there for awhile, studying among other things that orange XR1200 that I like so much.  They even had a demo model out on the curb and I idly considered asking to take it for a spin.  But I’m not really in the market for one yet – I have to get my new truck first – and so I let it go.

Winchester Harley-Davidson

Winchester Harley-Davidson

Then the good part.  Back east to Mt. Carmel and Frogtown and River Road.  Part of the loop that has become one of my favorite rides on the Harley.  The ride out along the river was quiet and reflective, nearly devoid of people.  No surprise there.  A weekday in October is very different from a weekend in July.

Out to 7 for a mile, then dropping down onto Snickersville Turnpike.

I love Snickersville.  I didn’t use to.  I rode it a time or two back in the mid 90’s when I was riding my K1100RS and was hell-bent on burning up the roads.  I considered it too tame back then.  Not enough hard edges.

But with time comes a different perspective.  What I missed back then was both the beauty of the countryside as well as the rolling cadence of the road itself.  Given half a chance, the road is a delight.  I marvel sometimes at how blind I was.

One of the neat things about the road is the hairpin turn at the far western end.  That turn has been the bugaboo of more than a few neophyte motorcyclists over the years – who would consider it anything other than “neat”.  Today I stopped there for the first time, taking my break there instead of a few miles further on at the little country store where I usually stop.

A lovely day.

view from the zumo

view from the zumo

snickersville hairpin

snickersville hairpin

Summer Wanes

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Okay, actually it’s already been over for three weeks.  But I hate to see it go.

Ginny is down at the beach (the Outer Banks) this week with her sister Patty.  I suppose as long as one can consider a beach trip, summer can’t really be over, can it?  At least that’s what I continue to pretend to myself.

Alas, that’s a harder and harder frame of mind to hold onto.  The last several mornings we’ve awakened to temps in the high 40’s.  Today I’m going to head out on the Harley and I’ll be donning my chaps to go with my leather jacket up top.  And there will be an electric vest in the saddlebag.  Just in case, you know?

Sunday evening I went down to Tippy’s Taco for dinner.  Coming back, I passed The Carousel, Warrenton’s summertime-only ice cream stand.  It will be closing shortly for the season.  Yet another sign.

Oh, well.  One cannot change the seasons.  Better to embrace them.  All of them.

It’s just that I’m not very good at letting summer go…

The Carousel

The Carousel