2 Wheels… But Not on a Motorcycle

A mile into the ride I break out of the canopy of trees and into the early-morning sun.  The mist rises from the field to my right and the flat angle of the sun lights it from the side, imparting to it a look of faint mystery.  The air seems unusually clear for the first day of August.  But then it is very early, not yet even 7.  Not yet time for the sun to bake the humidity into a hard haze.  Maybe it’s because I’m not wearing sunglasses, but looking at the awakening world with naked eyes.

Slightly chilled when I began the first coasting descent just a few hundred feet from my driveway, where my ride began, I’m feeling better now as my muscles warm to the task.  This is the first long uphill grade and as the road rises in front of me I shift down into the lower gears.  The burning in my legs grows, but it’s not too bad.  Nothing like the awful pain that the hill on Blackwell will throw at me in five miles.  I laugh at myself and pull my mind away from that torment to come and simply savor the surprise of how pretty everything is.  I’ve done it on a motorcycle, of course.  Loved the early morning quiet and solitude and newness of everything.  But this is the first time I’ve ever taken a bicycle out so early.

I was a runner once.  That ended when I began working where I do now – the long commute and the necessarily long days.  But I remember it.

One of the things I remember was that training days begat more training days; while missed training days led to more missed training days.

Put a string of evening runs together, in other words, and you’ll have no trouble convincing yourself to get out there tomorrow when you get home from work.  But let a few days slip by without one… and the excuses become seductive.

Same thing on a bike.

I’ve fiddle farted around with road bicycles for years.  It’s a sport I’ve always enjoyed, they being a cousin to the motorcycles which have long colored my life.  But I’ve never really given them a serious shake.  I’ve always just done a little ride here, a little ride there.  I never once put a string of training days together.

Until now.  In the past eight days I’ve ridden my bicycle six times, slowly increasing my speed and distance.

I’m having a good time.  We’ll see where it goes…

After the Ride

After the Ride

3 Responses to “2 Wheels… But Not on a Motorcycle”

  1. Martha says:

    Good for you! I loved – and miss – my bicycle. Not as much as the motorcycle, but still… there’s nothing like that ride, with only the hiss of your tires on the pavement between you and the sounds of the earth. Enjoy.

  2. Jeff says:

    You should think about getting another bicycle, Mops. Ginny and I’ll come down and ride with you!

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