Road Rage

We’ve all experienced the anger and frustration which comes with driving on today’s American highways.  You can’t drive for more than a few days and not observe some upset individual spewing an obscenity or shaking their fist or laying on the horn.  It’s part of the panorama, unfortunately.

But yesterday was the first time I ever was part of the truly serious variety of road rage – that thankfully rare breed where lethal intent gets injected into the mix.

Me and a couple of new riding buddies were out doing a day-long loop on our bikes.  I’ll spare the ugly details, but the upshot is that a fellow over in West Virginia got seriously – SERIOUSLY – pissed off.  To the point where he used his truck as a weapon.

The good news is that no one got hurt.  But it was a sobering reminder that it can be an iffy world out there.  There are a lot of people who weren’t blessed with a full deck.

Be careful out there.

You can read about it in Sport Rider in a few months.

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