Summer Solstice

For most of the year I awaken every weekday in the fullness of night, with pitch blackness outside.  Forty minutes later, when I leave for work, the sky still has yet to offer the first tinges of light.

And for much of the year, it’s dark as well when I finally pull into my driveway late in the evening.

But as May arrives, and then turns towards June, things improve.  That extra minute or so of daylight that has been added every day since late last December suddenly seems to make a difference.  The days stretch out, lengthening their stride, rising up with a little less urgency.

The difference it makes during the workweek is palpable.  But it especially is nice on the weekends, when the long days of daylight can most be felt.

Yesterday was the epitome of it all, the summer solstice – the longest day of the year.  The time when, for a few days, the sun seems to stand still.  It’s my favorite time of year.

Saturday evening, as I often do, I wandered up to Old Town Warrenton to walk around and take a few pictures.  Glancing up at the clock tower, I had to smile at the light that still surrounded it that late in the evening.

Courthouse Clock

Courthouse Clock

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