Playing Hookie

Well, not really.  I burned a vacation day, so it was all on the up and up.  But it still feels a little bit like stolen time – enjoying a day to yourself while the rest of the world works.

Just a quick little 4-hour ride, out to my usual mountain haunts.  The air limpid.  My ears popping on the long ascent.  The river a tiny line far below, down the flat face of the mountain.  Throttling up, the Harley’s motor responding with its phlegm-laced cough.  An irritated growl, as if one had prodded a giant of the earth itself.  Beholden only to me.

Rain was coming in, the early afternoon clouds darkening.  I didn’t particularly care.  There was rain gear in the saddlebags.  But it made things interesting for the last hour.  Watching the heated, unstable air and wondering where and what it might conjure.

Alas, I was boringly dry when I got home.

With my bike back in the shed and my gear stowed, I walk inside for a late lunch.  I’m thinking I could get used to this.

Maybe I’ll take next Monday, too.

Road King at Camp Roosevelt

Road King at Camp Roosevelt

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  1. Eddie Huff says:

    Now that’s my kind of day Jeff !!!! Ride safe my friend.

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