The Miracle of GPS

One of the articles I wrote a couple years ago for Sport Rider magazine was “A Most Amazing Thing” – a paen to the benefits of GPS.  Since then I’ve continued to tout the advantages of having a good GPS.  They’re wonderful in both cars and motorcycles for finding places.  But for bikes, for discovering good roads, they simply have no equal.  I’ve told my motorcycle buddies that I thought a good GPS was second only to electrics (that would be electric vest, electric liners, electric gloves, etc., for those of you who aren’t in the motorcycling community) in terms of its positive impact on our riding.

This morning I decided to ride down to Morton’s BMW.  My R1200GS needed a state inspection and I hadn’t been to Morton’s for awhile.  Now as nice a dealership as it is, the route from my home isn’t a particularly fun one.  You shoot down a 4-lane divided highway for 20 miles, then head east on a boring, straight 2-laner for awhile, and then make your way through the Chancellorsville Battlefield, eventually coming out at Spotsyvania.  There’s lots of traffic.

This morning I punched in “Morton’s” on my Zumo and began following the route it directed me to.  In the GPS preferences I had checked “avoid interstates, avoid toll roads, avoid highways” and anything else that might have involved a major roadway.  The result was a shockingly wonderful set of small rural roads I had never been on and never heard of.  What has always been a necessary evil was transformed into just a terrific hour of riding.  And to top it all off, the ride didn’t take any longer than that old, boring route of mine did.

Amazing things, those GPS’s.  A modern miracle that, for once, is worth the hype.


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  1. Martha says:

    I love blue highways. “The Scenic Route,” Daddy always called it. Glad you found a good one.

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