Memories of a McDonalds

This past Sunday was another glorious ride on the Harley.  The weather was spectacular – low humidity, cool enough in the morning that you needed a sweatshirt, and then slowly warming into a simply wonderful day.  After skirting westward out towards Winchester and some little roads out that way, I turned back east and meandered back into suburbia.  I ended up at my favorite McDonalds.

I bought my first motorcycle – a Yamaha RD350 – at the very end of May, 1975.  Having never ridden a motorcycle before, and this being long before MSF classes, I learned to ride… by just riding it.  I’d ride it to work in the morning, taking the long, back route from Lorton to Falls Church hoping to avoid being stopped by a cop – as I didn’t yet have a drivers license endorsement for it.  At lunch I’d often go out for a quick 20-minute spin, usually stopping at the McDonalds a half mile down the road.  I’d eat outside, sitting under the shade tree at the edge of the parking lot, next to my bike.  I learned early that casting glances at a close-by motorcycle improves any meal!

And so it was for my meal Sunday.

Road King at McDonalds

Road King at McDonalds

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