Chicken Run, Day Two

Another terrific day.  Well, at least for most of us.  We’ve been fortunate in not having any incidents so far this run.  But we certainly have had more than the usual share of “events”.  What’s the difference?  An incident requires the bike to be moving, and usually involves rubber losing contact with the pavement… and because of that is much to be discouraged.

The little mini-adventures started Friday, when Ed “Tomato Man” ran into stop-and-go traffic not too far south of Pittsburgh.  That led to a dead battery, a bit of interaction with a local bike-friendly fellow in a cage, and a ride to a Harley shop – who just happened to have a battery that would work in Ed’s VFR.  By the time that saga was done Ed was way behind schedule.  He limped into Snowshoe at 9:30pm.

Even as Ed’s weekend was set to improve, Scott’s was getting ready to get a little complicated.

His ride up Saturday was uneventful.  And Ashley seemed to be having a good time.

Alas.  As Kevin averred, it seems one never really gets three for three on the Chicken Run.  “The Chicken Run giveth; and the Chicken Run taketh away.”

Or said differently, when you gain that third marker, you have to cede something in return.  In Scott’s case it was two things.  First, his Zumo 550 GPS stopped working as we rolled down the mountain to breakfast.  Then, later in the afternoon, he dropped his K1100RS.  We had stopped along the side of the road to let our seven bikes re-group and Scott had a misadventure with the gravel.  His bike ended up falling into the guard rail.  That was a $1000 moment.

Rasmus had a flat tire.  In the big scheme of things, that turned out to be pretty minor.  He has a tire-pressure sensor on his K1200R and knew immediately when he started losing pressure.  It only took a few minutes to pull the roofing nail and plug the tire.  He was good for the rest of the day.

At least as far as his tire went.  Rasmus did have an interesting few minutes up on the Highland Scenic Highway.  When we left the overlook he forgot to zip up his tail trunk.  Gloves, rain gear, and assorted odds and ends began blowing out the back as we went flying down the road.  But the good luck that began with that tire plug continued.  Wes was behind him and quickly pulled up alongside to alert Rasmus of his imminent assumption of “the man with no clothes” title.  They backtracked and managed to collect everything.

And speaking of flat tires, Wes, on his way down from Pittsburgh Saturday morning, stopped for awhile to help a Goldwing pilot with a flat tire.  He burned a lot of time with that and ended up being way late for his rendezvous with Ken.  But he was good afterwards.  And hopefully the good karma he earned will come in handy some day.

Those little bumps aside, we had a very nice day two.  We ran a few new roads and some parts of West Virginia we hadn’t seen before.

All good…


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