Chicken Run, Day One

The Potomac highlands of West Virginia, where we mostly ride during our annual Chicken Runs, is largely devoid of infrastructure.  It’s pretty remote.  So it was a bit of a surprise to arrive at our condo on the top of Snowshow Mountain – a place we’ve stayed for a couple of decades – and find a DSL connection and wireless router installed.  Welcome to the modern age!

That, and propitiously having a laptop along (so as to be able to use my GPS mapping software) allows me for the first time to post a progress report during a Chicken Run.

So… how was day one?  It was terrific.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather – one of those days the air is super clear, like an old Kodachrome slide.  The barbecue chicken in Brandywine was excellent, as usual.  And it was good seeing everyone.

Ashley followed Scott up in the family mini-van rather than riding on the back of his K1100RS.  She seems to be having fun so far.  We’ll see if she decides to do any 2-wheel travel tomorrow.

Here’s a pic of the crew, after enjoying Kevin’s sphagetti dinner.

Chicken Run Crew

Chicken Run Crew


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