Submitting a Story

A little while ago I submitted my latest Sport Rider article to Kent (the editor).  It’s always a good feeling when I get that done.  I’m not sure whether it’s more from pleasure or from relief.  Probably a combination.

I love words.  I love it when I’ve worked them into an order that has a rhythm and a cadence and which says something I’m interested in.  I love having written.

But the process of writing itself can be frustratingly difficult.  I’m a good writer (I think).  But I’m not an especially fast writer.  It’s not like I sit down and quickly bang out a story.  The words have to be teased out.  And then wrestled into place.  It’s a laborious process.  You love it when you’re done, a new story in hand.  But only when it’s over.

Since the only chance I ever get to write is on the weekends, I’m not unhappy when we have some crappy weather which happens to correspond with a deadline.  And so the unsettled weather we had this weekend was fine with me.  Finish the draft of the story I started last weekend.  Read it one last time when I get home from work.  Send it along.

Crack a cold beer.


2 Responses to “Submitting a Story”

  1. Martha says:

    I find writing to be much like childbirth – long, painful, but ultimately rewarding!

  2. Jeff says:

    I think that’s probably a perfect description of it!

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