Of Dogs… and Gloves and Glasses

Sunday, Mothers Day, was a gorgeous, beautiful day.  After enduring lots and lots of rain in recent weeks, it finally dawned sunny and clear.  That etched-in-stone kind of clear.  I climbed on the Harley and rode down to see my folks.

When I pulled around in front of their house three hours later there was a young dog who happily greeted me.  She was a pretty dog – looked to be a mix of pit bull and a couple other odds and ends.  I hadn’t seen her before and my first thought was that one of my sisters had gotten a new dog.  She was just as friendly as could be.

Turns out she belonged to the young couple living at the adjacent farm.  As my father smilingly described her a few minutes later, “she’s the community dog – she likes to be around people”.

An hour later I’m in the bathroom and happen to glance out the window.  Hmm.  “That looks like one of my gloves lying there in the yard,” I say to myself.

Sure enough, upon walking outside I find my gloves and glasses, both of which I had left lying on the seat of the bike, had been “improved” by the pup.  Improved as in, you ain’t using these anymore.

I’ve had those gloves – Vanson Saturn cavalry-style gloves – for 17 years.  They’ve been with me everywhere and are easily the best motorcycle gloves I’ve ever owned.  Nothing else comes close.

The WileyX sunglasses are what I wear (wore!) on the Harley, when wearing a half-helmet.  After having owned them for only one season I wasn’t nearly as attached to those, but they weren’t cheap.  I was happy to have my old pair of Ray Ban Aviators along, which allowed me to get home.

Far from being pissed at the dog, I had to laugh at her.  She was just doing what young dogs do.  When I looked out later she was laying atop one of my folks’ lawn chairs – one which she had similarly improved, by pulling all of the stuffing out of.  Perfectly at home.  How can you not love a dog like that?!

The first thing I did after I got home and had the bike put away was to log on to the Vanson website and order another pair of those terrific gloves.  With any luck, it’ll be another 17 years before I have to get another pair.

And Ginny… she was online herself, looking at Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies…

Glasses and Gloves... No More

Glasses and Gloves... No More

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  1. Martha says:

    I was sorry to hear of the demise of your accoutrements, Jeff – Joyce was still fuming when I arrived at East Branch, apparently just after you’d left. The pup is adorable, isn’t she? Lem gives her treats, which I expect is why she greets everyone at the house with such enthusiasm…

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