Does the World Need Yet Another Blog?

Well, I’ve finally joined the ranks of the world’s bloggers.  I put it off for awhile, not sure I wanted to go there.  Many blogs are terrific, with lots of interesting content.  But their quick-publish nature and (often) abbreviated content lend themselves to narcissism, banality, and superficiality.  I’m not going to pretend this one won’t be all of those!

Seriously, the question is how to provide meaningful content in a blog, given that I already have a website upon which I publish my photography, articles, and essays.  None of that is going to change.  So what will this blog provide?

I’m not sure.  It’ll be a work in progress while I sort all that out.  For certain it will continue the themes of my broader website – motorcycles, photography, writing, guns, finance, and the like.  Hopefully while affording the opportunity to post vignettes and slightly less structured slices of all those things than the main site provides.


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