Pop With His Harley

I got the motorcycling bug honestly - my dad used to ride back in the day. When he returned home after his tour with the Marines in World War II, he and his older brother Berry (who also served in the Marines - see Nelson County WWII Remembrance) shared the two motor vehicles that they each had purchased. My dad bought a car; and his brother bought a motorcycle. It seems my dad enjoyed the motorcycle more, and so ended up putting most of his miles on that.

These images are from two very poor, long-lost negatives that were found many decades later. The original shots would have been taken somewhere between 1947 and 1949, or thereabouts. The bike is, I believe, a 1941 flathead. It originally belonged to a fellow who used to ride it between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Unfortunately, he once hit a bump while riding his girlfriend on the back and she fell off and was killed. He decided to sell the bike and that's how Berry ended up with it.